07|08.11.2016 – 15:00 – 20:00


for two days

five hours each day- but really 8

I was curating and testing the different elements I was presenting.

I would move things around.

I would continuously construct, deconstruct and reconstruct the installations.

I would discuss my findings from the rehearsals to the ones that asked me questions.


open rehearsals

1.  because a rehearsal does not lead to an end point or a climax

2.  because the installations were first time constructed and presented and I was testing myself and mistakes are allowed in rehearsals- that’s the point of them..

3.  it is an OPEN rehearsal because rehearsals are meant to be private and in this case I’m inviting everyone !

4.  it is an OPEN rehearsal and a continuous performance- of a performance that would never come.


work in progress

1.  because life is a work in progress