Many reasons it came out as it did.


First off, the materials used were materials of the specific site.

I wanted to simply relocate them for the end result and avoid transferring other materials that didn’t belong to the site.

It was really important to create a structure that, with the completion of the festival, could be left in the natural environment and be absorbed by it, without leaving any traces beyond the relocation of the materials.


The idea of collecting and gathering the rocks together to form the base, and gathering the reed to form the roof, is directly referring to the idea of the Honest Electronics Collective and Record Label formation and The Gathering Festival. A rock or reed on its own doesn’t do much but when joined with many others can lead towards extraordinary structures. I feel that is the same with the Honest Electronics Collective and Record Label. The people of this group, coming together, gathering, producing amazing work.


The coverage of the dance floor, the cerulean, light diffuser, fabrics, beyond providing shade to the ravers, was a connotation for being underwater. When looking up the sun was diffused as when being underwater and looking up.

The moving of the fabrics connoted waves, and the hammocks in the area made the bodies float rather than rest on the ground. All ideas of experiencing a river, floating on it, looking up underwater in it. The river was absent but its experience was there.

All these could be read during the daytime.


During the night the idea was to create conditions of an alternate stage. Light it up in a way that it would change what was there during the daytime.

So some reed lid up.

Leaving the rest in darkness.

And the lights led towards the sky. Towards transcendence.

Pretty much what sounds do i think. Music-sounds call it what you like.

I don’t know.


🌹I think the structure had other meanings. 🌹


But yeah,